Contest winner!

Hi again I’m sorry for not posting for a few days, I was at the great wolf lodge with my friend Joshua an his family. 

Anyways there was only one entry so the winner is duh duh duh 

Megan (A Bare Foot Gal) with here under water picture. 

Congratulations Megan!

That’s all the time I have today,



Hi again here is my contest I told you about. My challenge is who can take the best moving picture/action shot. There has been one entry so far. If nobody else enters by tommorow by 9:00 pm, that entry automatically wins. Just to let you know there is no prize…’s for fun. Here is the one and only entry so far….

1. By: Megan  (A Bare Foot Gal)

Well there you go that’s the challenge, it has no name if you have a name idea comment below. 

See you next time, 


Hi again.Β 

Hi it’s rog. I’m so happy because the Redskins are about to score and be winning. Anyways if you want to know more about that than click here. I also am excited that me and my friend josh (Joshua’s blog) are about to go to the great wolf lodge for his birthday. Comment below if you have ever been to Great wolf lodge. Also comment if you have been on the howling tornado. I hope you aren’t asleep if you are tell me that by a comment. 

That’s all the time I have today,

P. S I have a challenge. Comment below if you want to be in it. Here is the challenge…… send me a photo or comment a photo of your best moving picture. For example, somebody running. 



Hi today I will be telling you a story! The story is of a dog named chip. So here we go! Once there was a dog his name was chip. Pause one second I will show you a picture……..

Anyways we will resume. The dog named chip was so happy because he got adopted. Narrarator: we skip 3 years. The most important part about chip is he can talk! He is very silly. He was so happy it was his birthday. He said I am so happy it is my birthday. But anyways this in not a very interesting story so I will change it up a little. So chip loves to eat bananas and fly airplanes. He is so happy when he skydives or flys the airplane into a pool of steak. Narrator: I forgot to tell you he loves steak. But chip also likes to fly with his butterfly wings. He is very tiny he weighs 1/5 of a pound. Anyways chip had a happy life and he is still living but the story must end. Oh by the way a lot of those details aren’t true but he does love steak!

That’s all the time I have today,


Hi again!

Hello I don’t have a story again or somthing, but I do have to say sorry for not posting for a while. It has been busy with the start of school and soccer and all my other activities. It is a busy schedule! But the good news is I will always find a time to post somthing no matter how short or long. I also have started another blog it is a sports blog. If you like this blog I bet you will like my other one. I recommend you check it out. I gotta go now. 

Have a good school year,