Hello there!

Hi, have you ever really wanted a new pet? Well, if you have I know how you feel. I really want a golden doodle. Even though I already have a leopard gecko, and a yorkie (Yorkshire terrier), I want a bigger dog that I can teach tricks, take on hikes, play fetch with, etc. My cousins have a golden doodle named Cooper and he is very nice, sweet, and fun to play with. My mom loves Cooper and golden doodles in general but, she says a big dog like that might scare Chip (my current dog). She also doesn’t think she is ready for a dog that can go counter surfing :). For example: Cooper was once in a room alone with a pan of brownies on the table, and he decided to jump on the counter and eat the whole pan. There are two bad things about that…. The dog at CHOCOLATE  brownies, and that meant there were none for his family. I see why my mom doesn’t want a golden doodle at the moment, but that doesn’t keep me from wanting one. If you have ever wanted a new pet but for whatever reason you couldn’t, then feel free to say so in a comment.


See you next time,


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