Hey guys! Today I will be introducing a contest!!! This will be a poem contest. If you want to enter in the contest just write a poem and comment it, or email it to me. I hope you like writing poems, I do. The prize for this contest is the glory of winning. 

This is a picture of some cute baby birds that I took. 

Well I hope you enter the contest. 

See you next time,


Siri writes a blog post

Hello I am experimenting trying to write a blog post using Siri just For the fun of it. She might mess up. I decided I am not going to edit it at all. Just because I wonder what she will say. That is why it is titled Siri writes a blog post. I am sorry because I have not posted in a while because of T School play I am in and scouts. I am so sorry. If you have any tips on starting a business or doing good blog posts editing then please comment below. Siri is being very annoying. I don’t think I can stand it. Each eat cheese for a week. Just kidding I can stand it but I’m going to end this soon because she is getting on my nerves. Just kidding. Eat cheese for a week and a little kitty will come and visit the top of your roof and then he will eat a giant clock. If this makes no sense I am sorry I don’t even know if this makes no sense will make any sense because it might be spelled wrong thanks Siri. If you don’t know who serious she is annoying sometimes smart computer. She is only smart one she wants to be. She is on iOS which is an operating system for Apple. This is super cool and I accidentally edited for a little I did not mean added I meant edited thank you Siri for doing that this is a really extremely long. And I am happy to say it is almost over. I will end your misery by saying goodbye to Siri forever. Just kidding. I hope you like this weird annoying Siri post I will make it a series get it series sounds like Siri ha ha Ha. But it Will be a real series. See you next time bye