Hi again!

Hello I don’t have a story again or somthing, but I do have to say sorry for not posting for a while. It has been busy with the start of school and soccer and all my other activities. It is a busy schedule! But the good news is I will always find a time to post somthing no matter how short or long. I also have started another blog it is a sports blog. If you like this blog I bet you will like my other one. I recommend you check it out. I gotta go now. 

Have a good school year,


Deep Creek Lake Vacation

Last week I went to the lake it was fun. We rented a Speed Boat. Me my Dad and my Aunt waterskiied. It was really fun. We saw two snapping turtles, and they were huge! There is only one in the picture because the other one hid under the boat.turtleAnother day we were there we took a trip to Swallow Falls. It was so cool, we swam under and behind the waterfall!swallow falls 2 After that we went or tried to go to one of the other waterfalls. Me, my Dad, my sister, and my two cousins tried to climb down a waterfall. We got halfway there and decided not to slide down the falls, so we went back on the trail. We were disappointed but happy to be alive! Then we left the falls to go get ready for my Grandfather’s birthday dinner. The dinner was delicious. I had a salad, filet mignon and a baked potato. The restaurant was called Dutch’s. I hope to go back to Dutch’s. One day when we were exploring the lake on the speed boat we saw a bucket. We picked it up and looked inside, and there we tons of little fish. I’m not sure what kind they were, but later that day we released them into the lake. I liked our Deep Creek Lake vacation. It was a lot of fun!

Safari park 

Today I went to the safari park. It was fun. The first animal that ate out of my food bucket was very big. I saw lots of animals. There was bird seed on a stick and the birds in the bird habitat would land on you stick. We also saw two tigers. There were at least twenty kangaroo’s. I hope I go back soon. 

Red wing roots festival 

Last weekend I went to a music festival hosted by the Steel wheels band. It was so fun. There are all sorts of different roots music and some other kinds of music also. Some people bring tents and camp and some people just come for the day. I camped it was my third time going but it was the fourth  festival. There are a lot of food options. There is Jack Browns, A bowl of good, Grill cheese mania, and a lot more. Of course you also have the option of bringing food. There are also vendors selling things like jewelry, general camping gear etc. I like the Red wing roots festival it is a fun experience. 

“Sophie says”

Hi I am Sophie. I am about to turn eight. I am Rog’s neighbor dog. I am a mini schnauzer. I am jealous of Snoopy the other miniature schnauzer. He gets lots of attention. I like to play with him. He is nice. He is very very very wild and hyper. He is so hyper he jumps on the couch! I can’t do that. 

Yours truly Sophie 🍭