Hi today I will be telling you a story! The story is of a dog named chip. So here we go! Once there was a dog his name was chip. Pause one second I will show you a picture……..

Anyways we will resume. The dog named chip was so happy because he got adopted. Narrarator: we skip 3 years. The most important part about chip is he can talk! He is very silly. He was so happy it was his birthday. He said I am so happy it is my birthday. But anyways this in not a very interesting story so I will change it up a little. So chip loves to eat bananas and fly airplanes. He is so happy when he skydives or flys the airplane into a pool of steak. Narrator: I forgot to tell you he loves steak. But chip also likes to fly with his butterfly wings. He is very tiny he weighs 1/5 of a pound. Anyways chip had a happy life and he is still living but the story must end. Oh by the way a lot of those details aren’t true but he does love steak!

That’s all the time I have today,


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